Esthetic Dentistry

Esthetic Dentistry

Bleaching Teeth Outside the Dental Office

There was a time when bleaching teeth required a trip to the dental office. Today, bleaching teeth can be done safely using modern techniques in the comfort of your own home. You can find tooth-bleaching compounds in grocery stores or pharmacies, and we can gladly advise you on the best methods, and products.

Patient Instructions for professionally obtained custom trays

Brush and floss your teeth, and rinse your mouth well.

Place a small amount of bleaching compound into the tray.

Insert tray into mouth and wipe excess gel off gum tissue with paper towel or clean finger (spit out excess gel and foam).

Wear the loaded trays for thirty minutes.

Remove the trays, wash with cool water.

Some considerations:

Tooth Sensitivity: Some patients experience this condition. To minimize the effects of this condition, reduce bleaching time. If the issue persists, simply stop the bleaching program for a few days. A post application of flouride can also reduce sensitivity.

Gum Tenderness: If gum tissues become irritated by treatment, or mild sloughing of superficial layers of the gum occur, reduce bleaching time or the amount of bleaching gel used. If condition persists, stop bleaching program and consult your dentist.

Discomfort in Jaw Joints: If you experience discomfort in the jaw joints, it may be caused by wearing bleaching trays too long on any given day. Simply remove tray and let jaw rest. If condition persists, consult with your dentist.

For more information consult Dr. Duda at your earliest convenience.